The Jane Lynch White House Tour: Bo Petting, Pie Eating

Image credit: Andrew Harrer/Getty Images

When "Glee" star Jane Lynch went to the White House on Thursday, her VIP tour included far more than presidential china and color-coded rooms.

On her behind-the-scenes visit, Lynch said she saw the pastry kitchen - "they let us taste the cherry pies" - and the ever-elusive first dog. "Bo was pretty awesome," she said.

"It was amazing," Lynch said, recalling the tour while walking the red carpet at TV producer Norman Lear's 90 th birthday celebration in Washington Thursday night.

Lynch, best known for her role as the ruthless cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in Fox's "Glee," is an ardent Obama supporter.

She is hosting a fundraiser with first lady Michelle Obama in Chicago next week, at which Lynch said she will "mind my p's and q's while I'm eating.

"I won't overeat and I'll work out before I go," Lynch said, being mindful Michelle Obama's push for healthy eating and exercise.

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Last month Lynch narrated an Obama campaign ad touting the president's newly announced support for gay marriage.

In her speech during Lear's birthday celebration, Lynch called on the audience to continue that fight for marriage equality. Lynch married psychologist Lara Embry in 2010.

"Last time I checked, my same-marriage has not destroyed the country," Lynch joked, sparking laughter from the crowd of People for American Way members.

Lynch sits on the board for the group, which Lear founded in 1981 to combat religious extremism in politics.

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