The Note's Must-Reads for Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, Alicia Tejada, and Will Cantine

PRESIDENT OBAMA / FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: The Los Angeles Times' Michael Memoli and Kathleen Hennessey: " For Obama and Clinton, the hatchet's buried - if not forgotten" There were charges of racism, sexism and disrespect. There were hurt feelings and outbursts of red-faced anger. Friendships were frayed and tens of millions of dollars spent. LINK

New York Daily News' Alison Gendar: " Former President Bill Clinton attacks Mitt Romney on economy at city fund-raisers for President Obama" Bill Clinton wants President Obama to be reelected - because the other guy would be a disaster for more than just America. Lending his star power to a trio of Obama campaign cash grabs in New York City Monday night, the 42nd President praised the 44th President's leadership - and said the option voters are faced with is not one they should consider. LINK

USA Today's Aamer Madhani: " Obama campaign vows no letup on Bain attacks" Even as the Obama campaign team pivots its focus to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts, the president's re-election advisers insist they aren't letting up on their criticism of Romney's tenure as the head of private-equity firm Bain Capital. LINK

The Boston Globe's Callum Borchers: " Obama, Romney camps battle over Mass. job growth figures" The Obama and Romney campaigns sparred Sunday over what is the most repeated statistic of the political moment: Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 states in job growth when Romney was governor. Appearing together on ABC's "This Week," Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter offered competing takes on the presumptive Republican nominee's jobs record. LINK

Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman: " Obama Brings Clinton to New York Events to Draw Donors" Bill Clinton showered praise on Barack Obama and warned that Mitt Romney's election would be "calamitous" for the U.S., as the former and current presidents joined forces to appeal to donors in New York.  Clinton, who undercut Obama's campaign message last week, was unstinting last night in his support for the Democratic incumbent's re-election in November. LINK

MITT ROMNEY: ABC News' Mary Bruce: " Bill Clinton: Mitt Romney Would Be 'Calamitous for Our Country'"  Lending his fundraising prowess to President Obama's re-election campaign, Bill Clinton warned top donors in New York tonight that Mitt Romney would be "calamitous for our country and the world."  "The politics is wrong on the Republican side, the economics are crazy," Clinton said at a fundraiser at the Upper East Side home of billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry.   LINK

Wall Street Journal's Mark Maremont: " How Romney Pushed State Health Bill" When Mitt Romney left office as Massachusetts governor, his aides removed all emails from a server computer in the governor's office, and purchased and carted off hard drives from 17 state-owned personal computers, according to a current state official. But a small cache of emails survived, including some that have never publicly surfaced surrounding Mr. Romney's efforts to pass his now-controversial health-care law.  LINK

The Hill's Amie Parnes: " Romney uses Vogue editor's ad to portray Obama as out of touch" Mitt Romney's campaign is capitalizing on May's dismal jobs report by portraying President Obama as out of touch on the economy and focused more on his own job than finding work for America's unemployed. LINK

OTHER: Washington Post's David Nakamura: " GOP attacks celebrity support for Obama" Obama's popularity with Hollywood glitterati is again on display as his campaign mobilizes its vast fundraising apparatus to amass cash in a campaign that is shaping up to be the most expensive in U.S. history. LINK

Politico's Robin Bravender: " Dems prep for recall recount" Wisconsin Democrats say they are preparing for the event that the hotly contested recall race could drag on for weeks, or longer. LINK

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