Biden's Awkward Sex Joke: Big Family, Thin Walls

John Locher/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Pool/AP Photo

Vice President Joseph Biden's "average Joe" candor is well known, making easy fodder for satirists and comedians.

Today, he gave them more ammo.

Speaking at the annual conference of a Hispanic advocacy group in Las Vegas, Biden took a break from blasting Mitt Romney to talk about his family upbringing in 1950s Delaware. Living in a three-bedroom, split-level home with three siblings, parents, and at least one senior made for some awkward situations, according to the vice president.

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"It was wonderful for children," Biden began. "By the way - having your grandpop living with you, having your great aunt, your uncle, for real. Those walls were awful thin. I wonder how the hell my parents did it. But that's a different story. I know you don't know anything about that. I know none of you in your families have done the same thing."

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