Drenched Obama Rallies Supporters in Rainy Virginia

Steve Helber/AP Photo

GLEN ALLEN, Va. - Undeterred by the pouring rain, hundreds of enthusiastic, and soaked, supporters braved a storm today to hear President Obama make his case for a second term in the state he carried four years ago.

"I know these are some die-hard political folks here," the president said as he took to the outdoor stage shortly after the skies opened up. "We're not letting a little rain chase us away."

The president, tie-less with his sleeves rolled up, was quickly drenched, resembling the soggy crowd of 900 assembled in front of the historic Walkerton Tavern.

"I know this from Michelle. Ladies, I do apologize for your hairdos getting messed up," he told the women in the boisterous audience who were huddled under umbrellas and plastic covers.

"We're going to have to treat everybody to a little salon visit after this," he joked.

The president is spending a second day campaigning to shore up support in the state he turned from red to blue in 2008, promoting himself as a champion of the middle class and casting rival Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch millionaire.

With rain dripping down his face and his shirt soaked through, the president continued to attack Romney's business record and contrast his own humble upbringing with his rival's wealthy background.

The rain did not force the president too far off course as he delivered what has become his standard stump speech.

"I'm wrapping up," he finally said after roughly 25 minutes in the rain. "Everybody is wet anyway, so it doesn't matter."

"It's too late - those hairdos are all gone," he said as the crowd burst into chants of "four more years!"

Obama was making a surprise stop at Berry's produce market in Mechanicsville before his speech when the ominous clouds made clear rain was on its way.

The president bought tomatoes - which he declared to be "the best tomatoes around" - peaches and a watermelon from the market before cutting short his visit to head for his outdoor campaign event.