Romney Camp Breaks Precedent, Bars Press From Israel Fundraiser

(CARL COURT/AFP/GettyImages)

JERUSALEM - In a precedent-breaking move, the Romney campaign said today it will bar reporters from attending a high-dollar fundraiser in Israel Monday morning.

No reason was given by the campaign for the change in policy for this fundraiser, other than an aide telling reporters that it is "closed press," but the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is looking to turn the page here in Israel on a foreign trip that has so far been marred by bad press.

Closing this fundraiser will provide one less opportunity for potential missteps.

Reporters have been allowed to attend and report on Mitt Romney's fundraisers since May, when the campaign lifted its restrictions on access and said fundraisers held in public venues such as hotels would be open to a small group of press. They have never allowed cameras inside to document the events.

Romney's ritzy fundraiser in London last week was open to the press. The fundraiser on Monday will be held at the King David hotel in Jerusalem, and is slated to be an intimate affair with just 30 attendees. Those going were asked to donate $50,000 per couple or to raise $100,000.

Las Vegas billionaire and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has so far contributed $10 million to a pro-Romney SuperPAC, is expected to attend the fundraiser.