Romney's Gaffe Track Ends, Defense Cuts and Ohio, Harry Reid's Wild Speculation (PM Note)

Gaffe Track - It was either an "embarrassing disaster" or "great," depending on which adviser you're listening too - Robert Gibbs or Stuart Stevens.

But Mitt Romney's foreign trip ended in Poland with a salty verbal altercation between Romney's press secretary and Romney's traveling press corps.

"Kiss my ass," is rarely seen as a quote from a press secretary. Especially in conjunction with a holy site.

All the news today -

RECAP - Who all did Mitt offend on the trip? Any easy list - (Krieg)

As of this moment, the candidate is back on U.S. soil in Boston. He'll try to change the subject back to the economy when he's back on the trail in Colorado Thursday. And there are plans for a multi-state bus tour to start Aug. 10.

Veep Announcement? There's an App for That -

Political Sports Metaphor of the Day Has Nothing To Do With Olympics - Obama Aide Says Romney 'Struck Out Playing Tee Ball' on Foreign Trip- (Devin Dwyer)

Air Force One Flies Into Ohio Sequestration Storm - Endangered Air Field (Could be closed by approaching Pentagon cuts) -

"There is not an inch of Ohio that the President does not love to visit, " Jay Carney told ABC's Ann Compton. He also promised to check into the matter. But no word yet.

More from Ann - "The Mansfield News Journal has run a series of stories and editorials expressing local worries that the air mission of the 179th Airlift Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard will end if proposed Pentagon budget cuts close it down. The local paper quotes Vice Commander Col. Michael Howard as saying he will park the wing's C-27J aircraft on the tarmac in full view of Air Force One to make a point to the visiting president." -

Military Doesn't Want C27J's - But it turns out the Pentagon doesn't really want to keep using the C-27J, according to our Luis Martinez over there. The DOD is phasing out the C27J aircraft. This was first laid out in January when the Pentagon presented its budget cuts based on strategic priorities. Look on page 1 for the explanation of the cuts their making. Read Page 8 .

"Since we have ample inventory of C-­-130s and the current cost to own and operate them is lower, we no longer need nor can we afford a niche capability like the C-­-27J aircraft. The Air Force and the Army will establish joint doctrine relating to direct support."

By the Numbers - Is Romney or Obama More Accessible to the Press? -

Up-and-Comer Harvard-Educated Texas Hispanics from Both Parities Get Spotlight - Julian Castro to keynote DNC convention. Ted Cruz on the runoff ballot tonight -

What We're Watching Tonight? - Cruz vs. Dewhurst in the Texas Senate Race -

From Elizabeth Hartfield - Although Dewhurst held a solid lead over Cruz in the May primary - he finished with about 45 percent while Cruz received about 34 percent - recent polling has shown Cruz ahead. And while ultimately neither candidate's victory will change the outcome of the race in the end - the GOP nominee will be heavily favored to win the Senate race in November - a Cruz victory would be a big win for the Tea Party.

Endorsements - It's Palin and DeMint vs. Perry and Huckabee


"In addition to the Tea Party vs. establishment narrative, the other story line that has dominated the Texas GOP Senate race is the money raised and spent. The race is the most expensive Senate race in the country in terms of money spent, and the second-most expensive in terms of money raised so far (the Massachusetts Senate race has seen the most money raised), according to the Center for Responsive Politics."

What Harry Heard… Reid's Wild Speculation About Mitt Romney's Taxes -

Congress Strikes Deal to Fund Government 'Til After Inauguration -

Democrats Celebrate Co-Pay Free Birth Control; Republicans Call Again for Health Care Repeal Vote- While Democrats on Capitol Hill were celebrating a new Obamacare contraception provision, Republicans were calling again to repeal the landmark health reform law. (Sunlen Miller)

S.C. Gov. Haley's Husband Deploying to Afghanistan - The husband of South Carolina's Gov. Nikki Haley is being deployed to Afghanistan, making him to likely be the first spouse of a sitting governor sent to a combat zone. (Jilian Fama)

Obama Donates $5,000 to His Campaign - President Obama made his first, personal donation to his 2012 campaign on Monday with a $5,000 online contribution, the campaign said today. (Devin Dwyer)

Michelle Obama to Open Dem Convention-First Lady Michelle Obama and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will headline the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in September, organizers have announced. (Devin Dwyer)