Scott Brown 'Let America Be America' Again Ad Features Footage of Foreign Businesses

It was a web ad with a patriotic message that went viral.

But it turns out that the web ad released by Mass. Senate race Scott Brown last week - "Let America Be America Again" - featured some scenes that were shot in Europe.

The ad is a critique of comments made by Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in 2011, runs 2 and a half minutes long. It features video of past presidents talking about free enterprise, interspersed with footage of businesses throughout the country- and, it turns out, in Ireland and Spain too.

The Boston Globe reported that the ad, which has received over 800,000 hits since it was released, features stock footage of small business. One scene- about a minute into the video, features a man standing outside of O'Connor's Family Butchers. O'Connor's, it turns out, is located in Dublin, Ireland. Another shot features a man standing inside a restaurant kitchen- a kitchen which is in Barcelona.

The Brown campaign had no comment.

Why are these foreign businesses featured in the ad? The images are licensed to Getty Images, which sells stock footage, so logic dictates it was likely a purchasing error of some kind.