Iowa Ladies Get a Presidential Smooch

Image credit: Anelia Dimitrova/Waverly Newspapers

It was a scene from a teen idol concert, but these were no Justin Bieber fans. President Obama made two sisters' day on Wednesday after a campaign speech in Dubuque, Iowa, when he allowed one of them, Kathy Squire, to give him a kiss on the cheek.

In a video interview by a local reporter, Squire's sister Joyce Becker breathlessly tries to relay their good fortune, while her sister is reluctant to come forward - perhaps in fear of her story getting noticed by the first lady, who accompanied her husband on the campaign trail on Wednesday.

Becker stumbled over her words to report, "He kissed her, and she gave him a kiss, and she has lipstick on, and he said, 'Oh, is there lipstick on my cheek? Michelle will be jealous,'" Becker said. "She's just, just … so happy!" she exclaimed, speaking about her sister - though Becker herself is the one who seems most elated by the encounter.

Kathy Squire of the now-infamous lipstick mark, whom the reporter refers to as "the dangerous one with the lipstick," laughed off her influence on the commander-in-chief. "I got to wipe off my lipstick off his face because he said Michelle would be jealous," she said. "I don't think so."

What's it like to get a kiss from the president? "Wonderful," Squire said. "You'll never forget it," Becker added. See the whole video HERE.

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