Obama Stops For 'Just One' More Beer

WATERLOO, Iowa - Earlier today, President Obama recounted how much he enjoyed his pork chop and beer at the Iowa State Fair on Monday night.

"It was good. I might have another beer today. You know, just one," he jokingly told supporters in Marshalltown. "Just one."

Sure enough, on the way to his final campaign event of the day, the president's motorcade pulled into the Pump Haus in Cedar Falls for one more Bud.

"I'm thinking I should order my beer and come back and talk," the president said, according to pool reports, shortly after entering the pub.

After ordering a draft Bud Light, Obama spent several minutes chatting with the bar owners and some of the other patrons.

The bartender told the president his beer was on the house, but the president was overheard protesting, "No, no, no."

The pool was then ushered outside while the campaign film crew was allowed to remain behind.

Beer has been a popular topic on the trail lately. In addition to inciting chants of " four more beers!" at the Bud tent at the fair last night, this morning Obama fielded questions about the home-brewed beer at the White House.

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