Ohio Fair-Goer to Joe Biden: 'You Gotta Keep the Chair'

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

CANFIELD, Ohio - A woman at the Canfield Fair in Ohio Friday afternoon told Vice President Joe Biden it's important for him and the president to "keep the chair," a reference to Clint Eastwood's performance Thursday at the Republican National Convention, where he spoke to an invisible "President Obama" in a chair on the convention stage.

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"You gotta keep that chair," Bev Kalmer of Poland, Ohio, said before the vice president leaned in and pecked her on the lips.

Kalmer told reporters she's a big fan of Biden and Obama but stressed how important it is for them to get re-elected. Asked if she thought Biden had a shot at a 2016 run, she said, "I don't know. We've got to keep the chair."

She paused, "You got that? The invisible chair."

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