Primary Losers Speak Out at Republican National Convention

ABC's Jonathan Karl has been prowling the convention floor and managed, today, to speak to three of Mitt Romney's primary rivals. Here's what they had to say about rallying around the nominee.

Cain: Mitt Romney Is Getting a Bad Rap About Likability


"And I happen to believe that Mitt Romney is getting a bad rap about likability. Remember I was a presidential candidate we talked to each other, you know, between debates and Mitt is one of the most likeable people that was running," he said. " I'm dead serious about that and so he gets a bad rap on likeability because supposedly Barack Obama is supposed to be so likeable. Well, some of these commercials and some of these - that one press conference - he's not sounding so likeable, he's sounding angry."

Bachmann: The RNC Isn't About Face Time


"Well, you know, there's only so many people that we can have on the platform," she said. "No, I'm not disappointed at all. I'm a part of this team and a very happy part of this team."

Gingrich Says at 'Newt U,' History Will Be the Toughest Grader


Newt Gingrich has been given a role at the Republican National Convention that he says he loves to play: professor. The Republican National Convention declared four days of courses to be given by the former speaker of the House, "Newt University."

"I believe in learning, which I love to do. I love to teach and I love to see people grow," Gingrich said.