Romney and Paul Ryan Tight-Lipped on VP Process

ASHLAND, Va. - Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan may have one more thing in common: Their ability to keep the vice presidential vetting process a secret, even hours after Ryan was unveiled as the candidate's running mate.

Stopping by a local restaurant here in the swing state of Virginia with his newly named running mate Ryan, Mitt Romney was tight-lipped on the decision process.

Asked how he made his decision on Ryan, which ABC News learned was finally decided on Aug. 1, Romney responded, "That was a good question. We'll get to that one of these days, have a good chat," before walking away with three pies in hand, one chocolate, one pecan and one apple.

Ryan was similarly silent on the process.

"It was fine, it was fine, Beth can tell you the story," said Ryan, referring to the Romney campaign's head of VP search Beth Myers, who is also on the campaign trail with the duo.

As to whether it was an easy decision to accept the offer, Ryan said, "It was, it was. We've got to save the country. I'll let Beth tell the story."