Ryan Comes Out Swinging, Predicts Win for Newly Formed Romney-Ryan Ticket

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After one day on the trail with Mitt Romney, Rep. Paul Ryan is already talking a big game on behalf of the newly minted ticket, pledging: "We're going to win this campaign."

"We've got the wind behind us, I'm really excited about this race," Ryan said aboard a charter flight from Virginia to North Carolina.

Both Romney and Ryan, along with one of Romney's granddaughters, came to the back of the flight to chat with the press, and both men were visibly excited about the day.

"Exciting day, lot of energy, big day, it's now two on two instead of two on one. This is good," Romney said.

"They've got someone else to pick on too," he added, pointing at Ryan.

"It was a big day for me. I'm sure it was for Paul. It was just great to have his family with us, some of my family, exciting day, very big start and feeling very encouraged. The energy throughout Virginia was very exciting, really a terrific day," Romney added.

Romney also mentioned that he was pleased that now that he has a running mate, they can split their time and double their efforts.

"So I'm excited it also means we'll be able to go to different states at different times and energize our colleagues and hopefully bring some people across the aisle to support our team," Romney said.

Ryan echoed Romney, adding that he was "was amazed at the energy, the crowd, people who just want to see us take the country in a different direction."

"It's great to be here and it's great to have two on two, too," he said.