Tim Pawlenty Says He's Not the Pick

MANCHESTER, N.H.-Tim Pawlenty said Friday night he was not Mitt Romney's vice presidential choice.

"I'm keeping my schedule tomorrow so I won't be in Virginia and now we just have to wait for Gov. Romney to announce his pick," Pawlenty told reporters when he arrived at his hotel after a Romney fundraiser in Durham, New Hampshire.

This is the second time the former Minnesota governor has been passed up for the vice presidential spot. In 2008, he was just one phone call away from being John McCain's running mate. McCain instead chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Pawlenty, joined by his wife Mary, said he wasn't disappointed by the news.

"I didn't enter this thinking I would be the V.P. candidate so I'm not disappointed," Pawlenty said. "I'm excited about his candidacy and I'm excited about having him as president."

Pawlenty said he did not get a call from Romney Friday, but he did know his choice. Top Republicans tell ABC News it is Rep. Paul Ryan. The 42 year old is the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Although Romney did not talk to Pawlenty on Friday, he did have contact with another Romney. The presumptive GOP nominee's eldest son Tagg attended the high dollar fundraiser with Pawlenty and his wife. Couples paid $50,000 to attend at a local restaurant. Tagg Romney also saw Ryan Friday, attending the memorial service for last week's Oak Creek Temple shooting.

Reporters have been following Pawlenty's every move for weeks and as he walked into his hotel here he said, "Now you can get on with his life." His wife, dressed in a bright teal dress, added with a smile, "And you can stop following us."

Shushannah Walshe reported from Manchester, New Hampshire.