Biden Recounts Near-Arrest in His College Years

ATHENS, Ohio - Vice President Joe Biden told the story of a run-in with the cops he had back in the 1960s during a college trip to Athens, home of Ohio University where he was nearly arrested for stepping foot in a women's dorm where men weren't allowed.

"As a matter of fact, the last time I was here, I want to make clear to the press, I didn't get arrested, but I almost did," Biden said at the Athens Community Center, though the last time he came to the town was actually in 2008, not his college days.

"Because back in those days, you students won't appreciate this, men weren't allowed anywhere near the women's dorm," he said. "And I got invited into a dorm, I thought I was walking into the, into the waiting room, I got brought into the hallway. And I got escorted out very quickly by an Athens policeman.

"True story, unfortunately," he added.

Biden told this same story in 2008 when he campaigned here in Athens, the place where he also famously spelled out " a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S."

On this football Saturday, Biden recounted his first trip to Athens in 1963 when he was playing football at the University of Delaware, declaring, "I still am a football nut."

"I came here in 1963 and I had to go back. I just double checked my memory, you know, you get my age you're not so sure you remember. You know, your glory days look more glorious than they really were," Biden said.

"I went back in the Internet and I just want you to know I came here on October 19, 1963 and we beat you Bobcats 29-12," Biden said. "Now, wait a minute now, wait a minute. And that's why I was so happy. I was so happy, that when the Bobcats went to Happy Valley they learned what a Bobcat was because now I got bragging rights. Y'all beat Penn State, I can say, 'Well, they beat Penn State and 500 years ago we beat them once.'"