David Plouffe: Clint Eastwood Is An 'American Treasure'

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This morning I asked White House senior adviser David Plouffe about Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood's strange speech at the Republican National Convention in which he pretended to be talking to President Obama, who was represented only by an empty chair. He told me on "This Week" that Eastwood is an "amazing" actor and director but guessed that the Romney campaign probably did not find the legend's performance funny given the post-convention reaction.

Read our full conversation below.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Final question, I have got to ask you about Clint Eastwood. The president sent out that tweet on Thursday, and we're going to show it right now. Put it up there. But I just have to ask, you know, this seat's taken. I guess Governor Romney thought Clint Eastwood was pretty funny. The president?

PLOUFFE: Listen, I think the president, myself, we all, I think, everyone in America thinks he's been an amazing actor and director and an American treasure. I do think the Romney campaign would probably not, three days after their convention, still having questions raised about Clint Eastwood. So you'll have to ask them how that all went down. I don't think it probably - I think they probably had other business they wanted to transact. But we're all Clint Eastwood fans here in the Obama campaign.

STEPHANOPOULOS: David Plouffe, thank you very much.

PLOUFFE: Thanks, George.

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