'Vigorous' Mitt Romney Fit to Be President, Doc Says

Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

LAS VEGAS - Health records released today suggest Mitt Romney is in good health and has no impairments that would make him unfit for the White House.

He's allergic to penicillin, has had an appendectomy and once got stitches in his right hand, but his doctor of more than 20 years said the 65-year-old "appears years young than his age."

His most recent physical, conducted in August at his home in Massachusetts, "revealed a healthy appearing, energetic, strong, physically fit male," according to Dr. Randall Gaz, Romney's doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Read Romney's full medical record here: http://www.mittromney.com/disclosure/health/mitt

"He has shown the ability to be engaged in multiple, varied, simultaneous activities requiring complex mental, social, emotion and leadership skills," wrote Gaz, who added that Romney's a "vigorous man."

"He has reserves of strength, energy and stamina that provide him with the ability to meet unexpected demands," said Gaz.

Romney's routine health examinations have included colonoscopies, blood tests and "extensive prior cardiac evaluations." His family history includes heart attacks and prostate cancer. Like many older men, Romney takes a low-dose aspirin and the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor.

Most notable of Romney's record is that his resting heart rate is just 40 beats per minute, far under the normal range of 60-100 beats per minute.

Romney's doctor attributes the low rate to Romney's "past intensive exercise with regular running."

Nowadays, Romney is known to hit the gym on the trail, but prefers the elliptical machine to the treadmill.

While Romney's doctor reported that Romney eats a "high fiber diet with abundant fruits and vegetables," and limits eating "high cholesterol foods and concentrated sweets," a guy can only do so much on the campaign trail, where the candidate has been spotted digging into the occasional homemade pie or bag of Cheetos in between campaign events.