Ann Romney Shares Her $137.50 Costco List

(KWP Studios/ABC News)

When Ann Romney cooks for the Romney clan, she goes big.

"I always start at Costco," Romney said on the "Rachel Ray Show" today as the audience watched pre-taped video of her pushing an over-sized grocery cart at the bulk-goods store.

Zooming around the store that she' didn't name by location, Romney grabbed large bags of spinach, several containers of frozen cream puffs and pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.

"The great thing about frozen desserts, they're always ready to go," Romney gushed.

For roughly $4.50 per person - a $137.50 tab - Romney can feed all five sons and their families, a total of 30 people, she said.

Incidentally, Costco founder James Sinegal endorsed President Barack Obama earlier this year.

In addition to preparing a Gov. Mitt Romney favorite dish, meatloaf cakes, Ann Romney dished on a few secrets about her husband.

"Mitt is not a picky eater," she said. "He will eat anything you put in front of him."

Her husband also cuts to the front of the line during their family's buffet-style meals, she added.

Several members of the family Romney were in the audience, including the Romney's son Tagg.

The mother of five boys also revealed what she would have named a daughter: Patience Darling Romney, after a great-great-grandmother.

Romney, 63, also talked at length about how she coped with raising a family while suffering from multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease that can cause weakness, numbness and vision loss. She's also a breast-cancer survivor.

She noted that Costco rotisserie chicken was a staple in the Romney household during her illness.

"When I was first diagnosed with MS and my husband was taking care of me, he discovered rotisserie chicken," Romney said.

Her husband told her then, "I don't care if we eat cereal and toast the rest of my life, as long as we're together," she said.

On the campaign trail, Romney says, she eats healthy (more healthy than her husband), exercises, and takes time off to recover from the stress and the grueling schedule.

"MS has been my greatest teacher, it's been the toughest teacher and breast cancer as well," Romney said. "But you have to know that the sun always will come up, that there will be a better day."

ABC News' Amber Porter contributed to this report.