Five Questions 'This Week': Abby Huntsman

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This week I asked Abby Huntsman - a host at HuffPost Live and daughter to former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman - to answer five questions. Huntsman, a "This Week" alum, offered her thoughts on the last presidential debate, her father's run for the GOP nomination for president and Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's controversial comments on rape.

1) You live-tweeted the last presidential debate on Monday that focused on foreign policy and did not veer away from critiquing GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Were you pleased with his performance?

Huntsman: Foreign policy has always been a passion of mine. Having spent many years in Asia, often times during periods when my dad was serving as U.S. ambassador to China and Singapore, I came to appreciate the complexities of our nation's relationships abroad. I would have liked to see more depth and specifics from both candidates on how we maintain our global leadership position, peace, and stability.

2) As of August you had not decided who you would be supporting in the presidential election. The debates are over and the election is just days away. Have you made a choice at this point?

Huntsman: To me, neither candidate has presented a compelling and credible vision that speaks to my generation and our nation's future and re-instilling trust in the political system. So, I've decided to vote for the guy with the best hair. Write-ins are always an option.

3) Your father, a Republican, made the bold move of serving in the Obama administration as ambassador to China. How much, if at all, do you think the decision damaged his effort to win the GOP presidential nomination?

Huntsman: Our family's ethos has always been one of service. My dad has long served our country, and both of my brothers continue to carry the mantle as they serve in the U.S. Navy. I'm so proud of their choice to serve, because at the end of the day we are all Americans, and not strictly members of a political party. Unfortunately, today's divisive and partisan political environment drove many to dismiss my dad's candidacy due to his willingness to serve the nation under a president of a different party.

4) What has been your reaction to the comments made about rape by Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock?

Huntsman: Clearly women's rights are important to myself, and every other woman. Gone are the days when Republicans could be principled - but also reasonable - on this issue. It's as if some members of the GOP are going back in time. And, sadly, this harsh rhetoric on the issue of abortion is not only offensive and divisive, but also distracting from so many other important issues.

5) Finally, what is the future of the @Jon2012Girls? Any new videos being planned?

Huntsman: As for the Jon2012girls, we were sad to see the campaign come to an end. It was an incredible ride for our whole family. We truly believe in our dad and couldn't be more proud of his honesty, authenticity, and willingness to take a stand, even during times when it wasn't the most popular position to hold. You never know if/when we'll resurface again.

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