PM Note: Jack Welch Goes Rogue on BLS, 7.8 Percent Unemployment, Steve Martin Wads Paper for Bob Kerrey

Keep your eye on ABC next week.

Michelle Obama will be on Nightline for a special 3-part series Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Ann Romney will guest host GMA Wednesday.

And Diane Sawyer will interview Barack Obama at the White House, with the first bit airing Wednesday.

BLS BS? - Jack Welch led the a small, probably short-lived charge against Labor Department jobs data today. He suggested on Twitter this morning the drop in the unemployment rate was unjustifiable given other economic factors.

Welch, we should add, is not a BLS economist. And those numbers, like data from the nonpartisan CBO, are generally politically off limits. But Welch's tweet led to a general questioning, particularly on conservative talk radio. People recalled some not very nice things Richard Nixon had to say about BLS economists as he considered how he could doctor numbers. But that was a long time ago.

By the afternoon Welch told Chris Matthews he had no actual evidence of corruption.

"It just defied the imagination to have a surge larger than any surge since 1983 one month before the election," Welch said.

GE CEOs Current and Emeritus Split on Obama - Welch's sudden activism, of course, puts him at odds with Obama buddy and current GE CEO Jeff Immelt - (Phillip)

Reflecting Reality - Mitt Romney and his staffers did not question the data. But Romney said the data doesn't "reflect reality."

The unemployment rate dropped to from 8.1 to 7.8 percent after adding 114,000 jobs. These are actually unrelated surveys.

The difference between what's perceived as a good jobs report and a bad jobs report can be so miniscule as to be statistically meaningless. But having an unemployment rate falling from the 8s into the 7s has got cause some elation for the Obama campaign. Polls indicating more Americans (still not a majority) seeing the country going in the "right direction" is perhaps a more important metric.

Fact-Checking Mitt Romney Job Claims - Romney said: "It looks like unemployment's getting better, but the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today as on the day the president got elected, why, our unemployment rate would be around 11 percent." Zunaira Zaki rates that half true -

Pols Respond to Jobs Report- All the reactions to the jobs news today (including Allen West's, which includes reference to flying pigs) - (Jilian Fama)

Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya -

More Telepromptered Zingers from Obama, Now Two Days Late - Said Romney's debate performance was a tap dance more befitting of "Dancing With the Stars" or "Extreme Makeover: Debate Edition"

Romney Disavows 47 Percent Comments - "No and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right. In this case I said something that's just completely wrong." Romney to Hannity -

Obama Touts Good Job News: We've 'Come Too Far to Turn Back Now'-Embracing the much-needed good news on the economy, President Obama told supporters this morning that the latest jobs report was a reminder "we are moving forward again" and have "come too far to turn back now." (Mary Bruce)

Obama's Dueling DJs - Obama employs advisers, strategists, speechwriters. But here's one job that sounds as if it might be the most fun: Presidential DJ. Instead of spinning speeches and debates, these guys spin music to keep up the energy at campaign events, receptions and fundraisers. (Jilian Fama)

Maine Candidate's World of Warcraft Persona Stirs Debate-These days a completely original line of attack in politics is rare- but in a state Senate race in Maine a totally new messaging strategy has emerged as the state's Republican Party has begun to highlight Democrat candidate Collleen Lachowicz's World of Warcraft persona in the campaign. (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Ryan Supporter Objects to Obama Campaign's Use of Her Question at Rally-Iowa voters are used to questioning presidential candidates up close during their caucus process and on Paul Ryan's bus trip in eastern Iowa on Tuesday it was no different. At a town hall in Clinton, Ryan was asked for more specifics from a voter. Friday, that voter wrote an op-ed in the Quad City Times objecting to how she feels her question was portrayed by the Obama campaign and the media. (Shushannah Walshe)

Video: Steve Martin Endorses Bob Kerrey, Demos Paper Wadding-Did you know that Steve Martin is not only a famous actor and comedian, he's also a home-crafts expert? And that he supports Bob Kerrey?Until today, Martin was not particularly known for his ability to wad paper or his leanings in Nebraska's 2012 Senate race, but perhaps that's about to change. (Chris Good)

The Romneys and Obamas Get Personal With Oprah-Voters will either elect a master painter or expert snow shoveler to the White House come November. (Abby Phillips)

Ohio Early Voting Win for Obama - (de Vogue)

Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya-ABC News has obtained an internal State Department email from May 3, 2012, indicating that the State Department denied a request from the security team at the Embassy of Libya to retain a DC-3 airplane in the country to better conduct their duties. (Jake Tapper)