Vice Presidential Debate: Tarot Card Predictions

There's plenty of analysis floating around about what might happen during the vice presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan tonight.

Some really smart folks are saying Ryan's got to explain how the Romney-Ryan budget will relate to the everyday "Amtrak Joes" of America. And Biden's got to make up for his boss's tumble during the first presidential debate last week by defending the administration's record.

Keep an eye out for whether Ryan drops a few nuggets about the Romney-Ryan Medicare voucher plan, and whether Biden drops some zinging oneliners.

So say the experts.

But sometimes it's good to go outside the Beltway for a different perspective on what might happen. That's why we asked Tarot Card reader Angela Lucy to flip a few cards and give us a glimpse of what could happen during the Biden-Ryan showdown.

To my surprise, she didn't know which question I was going to ask first. Um … the cards? Use the cards? So I warmed her up with a few softballs.

Would Biden ask Ryan about his marathon times? Her answer? Maybe in a flip way as a joke.

Would Big Bird make a return to the discussion? No, I'm afraid not. No Big Bird, no "Sesame Street."

What will be the biggest issue in the debate? Education, which is something that hasn't been discussed much. Education, first, then the budget and balancing the budget.

Will Joe Biden ride the train before the debate? No, it appears he's already made arrangements on how to get to Kentucky.

And perhaps most important, who will win the debate? With 70 percent confidence, the cards say Paul Ryan will win.

So now there's even more incentive to watch the debate, moderated by award-winning journalist and ABC senior foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, to determine whether I should ask Angela Lucy for a refund or ask her who will win "Dancing With the Stars."

Tune in to on Thursday for livestreaming coverage of the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate moderated by ABC's Martha Raddatz in Danville, Ky. Coverage kicks off with ABC News' live preview show at noon, and full debate coverage begins at 8 p.m.