Vice Presidential Debate: Who Won? Who lost?

Eric Gay/AP Photo

The early polls show a split decision. Insiders Donna Brazile and Nicolle Wallace showed the same on GMA.

Brazile told me that " Joe Biden came prepared. He came prepared to argue. He came prepared to debate. And he also came prepared to be Joe Biden."

But Wallace said that Biden's performance doesn't "represent any threat to the momentum that Romney was able to create with last week's debate performance. So from the Romney campaign side, they feel like they got their campaign in a good place last week and Paul Ryan didn't do anything to jeopardize that momentum."

My take: Biden did what he had to do most - rally Democrats after the President's listless performance last week and Ryan avoided any rookie mistakes in his first turn on the national stage. And my guess is that will freeze the race until the next Presidential showdown next Tuesday.

And I began on GMA with the clear winner last night - my friend and colleague Martha Raddatz: