Mitt Romney Adds Election Day Campaign Events

DULLES, Va. - Mitt Romney has been chanting "one more day" all day today on the stump, but as it turns out, he will campaign for yet another day, Tuesday, Election Day.

A campaign official said today that after Romney votes in his hometown of Belmont, Mass., tomorrow morning he will head to two swing states, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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The stops will be in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It was not immediately clear how many events would be held in each state or what kind of events they will be.

Both states are crucial to Romney's road to the White House. Pennsylvania is a state with renewed interest for the Romney campaign which they say is an "opportunity" for the Republican.

The Romney campaign had previously advised a "Final Victory Rally" in New Hampshire for this evening, an event unlikely to start much before midnight.

Campaigning on Election Day is not unprecedented. Sen. John McCain campaigned in New Mexico and Colorado on Election Day in 2008 and then- Sen. Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Indiana.

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