Obama on Final Campaign Swing, Jokes He's Just a 'Prop' for Voters

CONCORD, N.H. - President Obama kicked off his final 48-hour push to the finish line this morning in New Hampshire, telling a chilly but enthusiastic crowd of 14,000 that at this stage in the campaign he's just "sort of a prop in the campaign."

"It's now up to you," he said at his last rally in the Granite State, where he was once again joined by former President Bill Clinton. "That's how a democracy works, right? That ultimately, it's up to you. You have the power. You are shaping the decisions for this country for decades to come. Right now. In the next two days."

The president departed the White House for the last time before Election Day this morning and will spend close to 11 hours in the air today as he flies from New Hampshire to rallies in Florida, Ohio, and Colorado.

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"We've made real progress," Clinton told the masses outside the State House in Concord. "Compared to what could have happened, Barack Obama has done a good job… With a tough hand, he has done a good job."

Stealing a line from another former president, Clinton praised Obama's record as a "decider-in-chief," citing his decision to bail out the auto industry and push for health care reform.

Clinton continued to suggest GOP nominee Mitt Romney isn't trustworthy. Summing up his proposals, Clinton said Romney is telling voters, "Don't pay much attention to what our solutions are… Look at me, I look like a president and I talk like one and I'm telling you it's all gonna be all right."

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