WH Petition Calls For Reality TV Show Starring Joe Biden

(Image Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Can't get enough of Vice President Joe Biden? A petition on the White House website calls for a weekly reality TV featuring Biden at his finest moments.

The petition reads, "Vice President Joe Biden has a demonstrated ability to bring people together, whether at the negotiating table or at the neighborhood diner. We, therefore, urge the Obama Administration to authorize the production of a recurring C-SPAN television program featuring the daily activities and interactions of the Vice President with elected officials, foreign dignitaries and everyday American families. Such a program would educate the American public about the duties and responsibilities of their Vice President, while providing a glimpse of the lighthearted side of politics even in the midst of contentious and divisive national debates."

The petition comes one day after Biden's swearing-in of senators went viral, where he hugged senators' mothers, doled out dating advice and made an awkward joke about being frisked. If the petition receives 25,000 signatures in one month, the White House will respond to the request.

So whether it's snuggling up with bikers in an Ohio diner, going toe-to-toe with Republicans as he tries to broker the latest fiscal deal, or outwardly flirting with senators' mothers on Capitol Hill, maybe one day this Biden reality TV show will come to a channel near you.