Dr. Oz Gives Governors Sex Advice

(Image Credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo)

America's governors got some intimate advice from Dr. Mehmet Oz who urged them to have more sex.

"The average American is intimate once a week," Dr. Oz told the National Governors Association 2013 winter meeting on Monday. "If we could go from once a week to twice a week, which is very achievable for this highly performing group of individuals, we would actually increase your life expectancies three years, and it would be more fun."

The suggestion by Dr. Oz, famous for giving advice on the Oprah Winfrey Show and his own Dr. Oz Show, came as part of a larger talk about public health and the government's role in maintaining it. In addition to the bedroom tips, Oz discussed the harmful effects of obesity, high blood pressure and smoking.

He went on to call the male sex organ "the dipstick of health."

"If that part of your body is not working it's not because you don't care, it's because other parts of your body are not working," Oz said, linking erectile dysfunction to hardening of the arteries, a condition associated with obesity and high blood pressure.

He told the governors that rising obesity rates would drive up health care costs over the next five years.

"[Obesity] is a national security issue at a certain point if we don't deal with this," Oz said.

At least one of the leaders present expressed appreciation for the doctor's talk.

The governors' meeting has been going on since this weekend and included a trip to the White House to hear President Obama's call for cooperation on sequestration Monday.