How Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Could Help Reduce the Deficit


This week the Supreme Court heard arguments in two landmark cases regarding same-sex marriage: Hollingsworth v. Perry, which deals with California's Proposition 8, and the United States v. Windsor, which deals with the Defense of Marriage Act. The court likely won't hand down a ruling in these cases for several months, but many of you had questions about the legal and economic implications of both cases and of course, about the potential outcomes.

Donna Lynn Lewis wrote in on Facebook: My friend argues that it would somehow hurt the economy as far as benefits or social security, this doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you could explain what the financial effect would be for our society?

Ebersole Hughes Co. asked: Wondering if SCOTUS refuses to hear the prop 8 case or "tables" it- is same-sex marriage legal again in California?

And Kitty Cole tweeted: What's your gut feeling on how the SCOTUS will rule?

Thanks for your great questions, and please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook. We'll talk a lot more about the hearings and the shifting tide on same-sex marriage in America on "This Week" on Sunday. Be sure to tune in, and don't forget to watch "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning as well.