How's Obama's NCAA Bracket? 'Busted'

Asked how his March Madness bracket is doing, President Obama today responded with one word: " busted."

Eleven of the president's picks are among the Sweet 16 and his Final Four are still in the men's NCAA tournament, but his teams in the Western division did not do as well.

"But Delaware won last night!" Vice President Biden was eager to point out of the women's tournament. Biden reportedly attended last night's game and watched his home-state University of Delaware Blue Hens take down North Carolina.

Obama still has high hopes for the women's teams he picked. "I think my women's bracket is doing much better than my men's bracket," he admitted.

The president's comments came after a swearing-in ceremony for his new Secret Service director, Julia Pierson, in the Oval Office.

Vice President Biden also had basketball on the brain today. In his most recent installment of the audio series " Being Biden," the vice president talked about a photo of himself with the women's basketball team from his alma mater, the University of Delaware.

"I've gotten to know this team," Biden said, remembering the times the team's coach let him join the players in the locker room.

"There's never been a more exciting time," Biden recalled. "I walked in to see these young women…having made it to the Sweet 16. You can tell they're excited, but not as excited as I am."

The vice president attended the Blue Hens' last home game Tuesday night, a sold-out performance, also attended by Gov. Jack Markell.

"It was an amazing game to watch. They never, never gave up. They were losing throughout most of the game and they came back to put it over the top," Biden said.

The photo that accompanies the audio shows Vice President Biden with his arm raised in a huddle with the players.

"I wish everyone could get to the know the team as I have."