Obama's Madness Bracket Shows Promise, for Now


President Obama had a tough time on the court Monday, but when it comes to college basketball, he is sitting closer to the top, for now.

Obama's March Madness college basketball bracket is ranked in the top 91.3 percentile. He has correctly predicted the outcome of enough games in the ESPN Tournament Challenge to earn 700 points.

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Obama correctly picked one of the four teams to enter the Final Four. His bracket pitted Louisville - the only team of his top four to make it - against Florida and Wisconsin against Indiana, with Indiana taking down Louisville in the final match-up to win the championship.

But the Hoosiers won't get that chance. Saturday's upcoming games pit Syracuse against Michigan and Louisville against Wichita State.

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Asked how his bracket was doing last week when he had picked 11 of the teams to make it into the Sweet 16, Obama had just one word to respond: " busted."

The president has filled out a bracket for every year he has been in the Oval Office.

Obama started out strong last year. He singled out two of the teams going into the Final Four, but ultimately the president's bracket tanked, dropping from the 98th percentile to 63.6.

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In 2009, the president correctly picked the University of North Carolina for the win but, in 2010, he incorrectly identified Kansas as the winner in a tournament that went to Duke University. The next year he again gave it to Kansas, but the team lost to Virginia Commonwealth, excluding them from the Final Four.

Obama stopped by the Verizon Center in Washington Saturday afternoon to watch Syracuse beat Marquette University, both of which the president had excluded from his own Elite 8.

Syracuse eliminated Obama's top pick of Indiana in the Sweet 16.