Gov. Perry Takes Aim With Assault Rifle at Shooting Range

Texas Governor Rick Perry showed off his gun skills at a Texas shooting range, using an assault rifle in target practice during an interview with KTRK's Ted Oberg.

Stationed about 100 yards away from a small egg, Perry took aim with a .308 LaRue Tactical assault rifle, smashing the egg with a single shot.

"That is not unlike a hole in one," Perry said in the interview at LaRue Tactical, a gun manufacturer located just outside of Austin, Texas.

"To me this is no different than any of those other types of hobbies," Perry, who said he first shot a gun at the age of 4 and has referred to shooting as his form of golf.

Perry adamantly opposes universal background checks and suggested that the gun measures being debated on Capitol Hill burdens law-abiding gun owners.

"They're so focused on the wrong issues. They're trying to make law-abiding people jump through more hoops and I think a lot of this is like those on the left, they just want something that they can say oh we won, we won a battle here," Perry said.

"I'm not sure that there's any gun reform that's needed at this point," he later added.

Perry will address the National Rifle Association convention in Houston Friday afternoon.