Anti-Hillary PAC Gets Backlash on 'Slap Hillary'

Pro-Hillary Clinton forces accuse one anti-Hillary Clinton group of going too far.

The Ready for Hillary PAC, organized to pave the way for the former secretary of state's possible 2016 presidential run, fired back at the Hillary Project's "Slap Hillary" game in an email to supporters on Wednesday night.

"We've seen these so-called 'Stop Hillary' super PACs attack Hillary before, but this is a new low," wrote Adam Parkhomenko, Ready for Hillary's executive director, in the email.

The game, "created and produced by the SlapHillary Team," according to the Hillary Project's website, allows players to wind up and slap an animated Hillary Clinton across the face.

The group identifies itself as "a nonprofit, nonpartisan, advocacy committee with a single goal - wage a war on Hillary Clinton's image by exposing her past and analyzing her would-be presidency for the public and national political press corps."

Ready for Hillary, which has already raised $1.25 million in its first quarter, used the controversial game as a platform for soliciting donations in its email. "Please make a $5 donation and help us send a message that disgusting tactics like these will only strengthen our resolve to make Hillary our next president," Parkhomenko wrote in his email.

Emily's List, which is dedicated to electing "the most promising" abortion rights Democratic women to office, also responded to the anti-Hillary game in an email to Emily List's supporters Wednesday afternoon. "This ridiculous behavior is why no amount of 'rebranding' is going to help Republicans win over women voters - they just don't get it. Violence against women isn't a 'game,'" wrote communications director Jess McIntosh.

The email included a link for supporters to "join Emily's List in demanding that every GOP candidate in 2016 pledge to refuse money from the Hillary Project and any other group advocating violence against women," McIntosh wrote.

The anti-Hillary PAC began tweeting the game to various reporters on Monday with the question, "Have you slapped Hillary today?"

The "Slap Hillary" game now also includes a message from the Hillary Project. "We didn't see the liberal media bemoaning this 'Slap Palin' game when it came out," the message reads. (The Palin game was created during her 2008 vice presidential bid with John McCain.)

"They only care when it's the candidate they support for president," the PAC writes on the game's webpage.