Gov. Christie Hedges on Serving Another Full Term

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had a careful answer to the question of whether he would commit to serving another four years as the chief executive of the Garden State if he wins re-election next week.

"I'm committed to being the best governor New Jersey can have for as long as I can possibly do it," Christie told George Stephanopoulos in an interview Tuesday on "Good Morning America." "But, you know, George, neither one of us have a crystal ball and know what's going to happen in the future."

"I've been really honest with the people of New Jersey and told them exactly that. I'll do this job as long as aggressively as I can and my current intention is to spend four years, but we'll see what happens," he said. "George you never know what life's going to bring you."

The star GOP governor is viewed as a likely presidential candidate in 2016. His gubernatorial term, if he's re-elected next week, would run until the end of 2017. Polls show Christie ahead of his Democratic opponent, New Jersey State Sen. Barbara Buono.

Christie's interview on "Good Morning America" marked the first anniversary of superstorm Sandy, which made landfall in the Northeast one year ago on Oct. 29, 2012. Christie hailed the progress made in New Jersey over the past 12 months but acknowledged there was still a lot to be done.

"We have made incredible progress in the last year," Christie said. "When you think about the fact that 346,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed, we've made great progress, but you're right. The fact is that these are problems when people still aren't back in their homes."

Christie cited the fight in Congress last winter over federal aid to Sandy victims as one of the reasons the work was not yet done .

"It took 92 days for the Congress to get the aid to the Sandy victims," Christie said. "That's compared to 10 days for Katrina and 17 days for Gustav, so all that gets added onto the backend so, you know, we're doing the best we can, but I understand the frustration of some folks. "