Jeb Bush Says Distaste for DC Won't Impact Potential 2016 WH Bid

Former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said that recent polling showing a distaste for Washington would not impact his decision on whether or not to seek the presidency in 2016.

"No, my decisions won't relate to this. It deeply disturbs me as an American that loves my country, that we have this massive dysfunction," Bush said in an interview with Jonathan Karl for "This Week."

Bush told Karl that while he is still pondering a 2016 bid, "this is not the right time to be thinking about that."

He added that the concept of potentially having three Bush presidents - an idea seemingly lamented by former Montana Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer in a recent interview - would not impact his decision.

"That won't be a motivating factor in my decision," Bush said in response to Schweitzer, who said, "There's a whole lot of America that looks at each other and says, 'Well, there's 340 million people living in America. Isn't there somebody other than a Bush or a Clinton who can be president in these modern times?'"

ABC News

Bush recently shared a stage with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who could be a potential Democratic rival in 2016, and said the two had a "very friendly" conversation, despite their different political backgrounds.

"Treating people fairly and with civility is not a bad thing… It would be good for our country if political leaders actually took that to heart," Bush said on "This Week."

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