Sunday Spotlight: Senators Bunk Together in 'Alpha House'

Today's "This Week" Sunday Spotlight shines on "Alpha House," a brand new comedy series for Amazon about four senators bunking together in a small townhouse on Capitol Hill.

John Goodman plays John Biggs, a North Carolina Republican and the leader of the pack who likes to nap in the shower. Goodman told ABC News' Jonathan Karl that he doesn't usually make a habit of doing nude scenes.

"Oh for God's sakes," he said. "Why subject the American people? They've been through enough lately."

"Homeland" director Clark Johnson, taking a break from the intense drama, plays Pennsylvania Senator Robert Bettencourt.

The show is written by Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau and its premise is based on an actual house in Washington DC. During the work week New York Senator Chuck Schumer shares a small row house with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and California Representative George Miller. Schumer gave Karl a private tour.

Schumer told Karl the "Alpha House" team did a "pretty good" job at accurately representing his living quarters.

The first thing you notice when you walk in to the row house is Schumer's bed, which is positioned in the middle of the living room.

When Karl said to him, "I see your bed's made, kind of made," Schumer chuckled, saying "I did it for you."

Schumer then pointed to the counter.

"Here's our favorite food, plenty of cold cereal," he said.

The first three episodes of "Alpha House" premiere November 15, 2013.

ABC News

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