Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: 'I've Got Plenty of Time' to Decide on Anti-Gay Bill

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer deflected questions today about whether she would sign or veto a controversial anti-gay law that passed her state's legislature this week.

"You know, the bill is in transmittal and I don't have to make a decision until next Friday so I've got plenty of time," she said at the National Governor's Association meeting when asked by reporters.

The bill would allow Arizona businesses to refuse service to gay customers if they believe doing so would violate their religious beliefs. It was approved in the State's Republican controlled House and Senate this week.

Gay rights groups and some Arizona businesses are urging Brewer to veto the bill. The governor, however, would not comment on the legislation at all.

"I need to explore it," said Brewer, a Republican.

The bill has raised questions about whether the Super Bowl, which is scheduled to be held in Arizona in 2015, could be subject to boycotts if the law is in place next year.

Brewer would not comment on the speculation.

"I think you should address that issue to the Super Bowl," she said.