Love in the Time of Obamacare

While potential admirers are trying to woo you with chocolate and flowers, Obama is bent on winning you over with baby animals.

Hoping to attract new Affordable Care Act registrants, the President's Twitter team shared a graphic created by @AdorableCareAct, a group apparently dedicated to promoting the ACA with baby animals.

Flanked by a photo of four fluffy kittens, the text reads, "Treat yourself right this Valentine's Day. Get pamPURRED with health care."

The president's administration is also capitalizing on the holiday. On Thursday, White House Deputy Director for Digital Content Megan Slack issued " ACA Valentines," a set of Obamacare love-grams users can download and post on social media or send out to friends.

"R U Covered?" asks one.

Following its troubled rollout, website woes, and initially feeble numbers, Obama's healthcare initiative could certainly use the boost before the March 31 registration deadline.

State-run exchanges, which also experienced glitches, are chiming in with their own Valentine's Day tie-ins.

"For a lifetime of happiness, I'll do everything I can. But I'd be much more relieved if you had a good health plan," tweeted New Mexico's exchange, BeWellNM.

"Hearts are covered … Find a plan, for the two of you, today," the Vermont exchange posted on its Facebook page.

"True love has no lifetime limits … just like health coverage at," Washington, D.C.'s exchange tweeted.

Not to be outdone, GOP leaders are hurling valentine-themed critiques at the ACA.

Ted Cruz's Conservative PAC, the Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund, ridiculed Obama's signature legislation:

"Obamacare: He exempts me, he exempts me not," the PAC's valentine jeers.

One Republican senatorial candidate, Ben Sasse, even asked Nebraskans to eschew their own V-Day plans to join his " Valentine Anti-ObamaCare Town Hall Meeting."

What fun is Valentine's Day without a little political vitriol?