See What Happens When The President Shoots iPad Video

Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

The Obama administration may be the most high-tech in history, but even the president can have trouble figuring out new technology.

Touring the Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Md., on Tuesday, President Obama visited a group of seventh-graders to see how they were using iPads in their lessons.

Eager to get in on the action, the President grabbed one of the tablets from a student who had been filming his visit.

The president, who is constantly surrounded by cameras but rarely the one doing the filming, started to shoot a video about the students and the class, narrating as he went along.

Only one problem: he forgot to hit record.

When a student reached over to help him out, the president exclaimed "I haven't been recording this whole time?"

"I thought you already had it on record, Kevin," he told the boy.

Once properly recording, the president resumed his filming, training the tablet back on the students.

"This is Kevin," Obama said. "He looks very sharp in his tie."

"This is Valerie," he continued, panning to a student who had just showed him what she was working on.

Obama chatted a bit on-camera with the teacher, Ms. Stover, before moving on to his entourage.

"That's Mike, my Secret Service agent. He never smiles," Obama said, as the man cracked a slight smile. "He's sort of smiling today. That's not bad."

"And this is our press, the press corps," he added, aiming the iPad at the reporters who follow him daily.

Delivering a speech later on education, the president noted what his stint as a videographer had proven to be true. "I'm getting on in years, obviously, which means that I'm not always as familiar with iPads and technology as I need to be," he joked.

Check out the president's video here, courtesy of Buck Lodge Middle School Principal James Richardson: