Five Fast Facts About Steve Ganyard

ABC News

Steve Ganyard, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, is a retired Colonel in the United State Marine Corps and an ABC News correspondent. He'll be joining us live tomorrow on "This Week".

Here are 5 fast facts about Steve Ganyard:

FACT 1: He is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot who was twice decorated for combat valor. He has flown more than 4,200 hours in twelve different types of tactical aircraft, including the first wave of attacks on Iraq during Desert Storm, as well as in support of UN forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He and his Marines created Golden Phoenix, an annual experiment that pioneered innovative civil-military approaches to disaster response in Los Angeles and San Diego. He wrote about this initiative in the New York Times.

FACT 2: He served on the staff of both the Secretary of State and the Deputy Secretary of Defense. His responsibilities at the State Department included supervising global efforts to destroy landmines, shoulder-fired missiles, and other weapons.

FACT 3: Since leaving government service he has helped start three different businesses.

FACT 4: He is a graduate of Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins [SAIS].

FACT 5: He is a fourth generation Californian.

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