Rep. Mike Rogers: We Shouldn't Underestimate What Putin Will Do

ABC News' Molly Nagle and Benjamin Bell report:

This morning on "This Week," House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., warned about Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression.

"We shouldn't underestimate the kinds of things that he will do that he thinks is in Russia's best interests," Rogers said on "This Week" Sunday. "The [Obama] administration thought, 'Well, if we - you know, if we just act nice, everyone will act nice with us.' And that's just, unfortunately, not way that Putin and the Russian Federation sees the rest of the world."

Rogers noted that Putin is "scoring huge points" back home with his forceful foreign policy, using it to assert himself internationally.

"Domestically, he doesn't have a lot going on. That's a problem," Rogers said. "I do think that he wants to be back on the world stage, he wants to be a world influence. And if he has to do it through brute force, he's going to do it. That's his mentality."

During the interview, ABC News' Martha Raddatz also asked Rogers about the investigation of Flight MH370, the Malaysia Air flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that has been missing since Saturday, with 239 people on board. Reports have raised concerns that two of the flight's passengers may traveled with stolen passports.

"Unfortunately, it's not common, but it is not unheard of, either, that stolen passports can be re-purposed and used, mainly for the quality of the passports themselves. So, given the right circumstances, and in this case clearly it worked, they were able to board and gained entry," Rogers said.

Rogers described the ongoing international investigation to determine the identity of these two passengers traveling with invalid identification.

"What they'll do now is they'll go back through the airport and make a determination through cameras and other means to try to identify the individuals and then track that back," Rogers said. "So it's really very, very early. They're going through those processes now. And it will be just - it will be a matter of time. They'll probably identify them."

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