President Obama Says He 'Absolutely' Would Save a Drowning Putin

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin may be in an international standoff, but President Obama said today that he would jump in and save Putin from drowning if he had to.

"I absolutely would save Mr. Putin if he were drowning," Obama told ABC News' Jon Karl. "I'd like to think that if anybody is out there drowning, I'm going to save him. I used to be a pretty good swimmer, I grew up in Hawaii, though a little out of practice."

President Obama: Vladimir Putin 'Not Stupid Man' But Unlikely to Cave to Sanctions

During a marathon question and answer show on live television last week, a 6-year-old girl wrote in to Putin asking if he thought the American president would save him if he were drowning.

While Putin noted that he does not have a particularly close personal relationship with the president, he thinks Obama is a good man and would save him.

Obama was asked the same question during a press conference in South Korea today, but he left the question about whether he thinks Putin would save him if he were drowning unanswered.