D-Day Vet Recalls Promises to God He Made 70 Years Ago

Meet Cosmo Uttero - A D-Day veteran who returned to Normandy for the first time this week since he stormed Omaha Beach 70 years ago today.

Uttero was 20-year-old private when he took part in the largest amphibious assault in history. Now 90, Uttero, who came to Normandy under the sponsorship of the National World War II museum, traveled from his home in Bradenton, Fla., to see the beaches where he and Allied forces fought. He recounted that day to ABC News.

"Coming in I see bodies in the water and bodies on the beach, a ship on fire, and the battleship firing, and small arms coming over the cliffs," Uttero said. "I was wondering what's it like to die. I thought I was going to die and I didn't know whether it was going to hurt, whether it was going to be quick. That's one thought that struck me."

"You become religious very quickly. Oh yes, made a lot of promises," Uttero said. "That's why I still believe in God."

Watch World News with Diane Sawyer for more of ABC's Jonathan Karl's interview with Uttero.