Signs That President Obama May Ditch His BlackBerry for the iPhone 6

(Charles Dharapak/AP Photo)

Is President Obama looking to give up his beloved BlackBerry?

The president was spotted on the sidelines of United Nations meetings Tuesday eyeing the ambassador of Bahrain's phone.

According to news reports, the president asked if it was the new iPhone 6 and the ambassador confirmed that indeed it was.

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The president famously f ought to bring his BlackBerry into the Oval Office when he was first elected. He won the battle and was given an upgraded, secure device to become the nation's first e-mailing president.

But now it seems he's hoping to upgrade his smartphone.

The president has an Apple iPad and admits to loving the device, but has not been given the green light to get an iPhone.

"I am not allowed, for security reasons, to have an iPhone," he explained at a White House Youth Summit last year. "I have noticed that Sasha and Malia seem to spend a lot of time on it."

(Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)

The Obama daughters have been spotted on numerous occasions on their Apple devices. Until the Secret Service finds a way to make the phone secure for their dad, maybe they'll let the president take theirs for a spin?