Watch a Gubernatorial Candidate Take a Hit of Pot

Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate Anne Armstrong is seen in this undated Facebook photo. (Anne Armstrong/Facebook)

One gubernatorial candidate is blazing the campaign trail, quite literally.

Anne Armstrong is a medical cannabis caregiver and patient running as a write-in candidate for Rhode Island governor.

"Yes, I do smoke cannabis, and yes, I do inhale," she says in a campaign video on her YouTube page. And just in case there was any doubt, she proves it.

Armstrong says that she uses cannabis for medicinal purposes every day, and as governor would pass marijuana legislation for patients and work to remove the stigma associated with the plant.

"I have a vision for our state where common sense, compassion, and cooperation can re-create Rhode Island into a place where everyone can live in abundance," she writes on her campaign's Facebook page.

Armstrong was motivated to get into politics when state legislature passed a new law this July limiting the amount of medical marijuana that can be grown, which she described as "very sneaky, very deceptive."

Armstrong, an electrical engineer who previously worked for Raytheon, was attending law school when she was diagnosed with swine flu. She was able to receive a medicinal marijuana card and started her own healing center, which she says has been more beneficial for her and other patients than pharmaceuticals. Though her illness forced her to drop out of law school, she said she now plans on using her engineering and law background to raise awareness on the issue through this campaign.

"I've seen miraculous things happen," Armstrong told ABC News today. "I walk around saying I'm going to be the next governor, but I'm not attached to the outcome. It's an opportunity to send this message to the people. That's why I stepped up, that's why I'm doing it."

Armstrong's chances might not be that good. Democratic state general treasurer Gina Raimondo and the Republican mayor of Cranston, Allan Fung, won the state's gubernatorial primary election and will appear on the ballot in November.