Watch Michelle Obama Dance With a Turnip

Fresh off the fall harvest in her White House garden, first lady Michelle Obama got down with a turnip.

Her moves appeared in a Vine video posted to the @FLOTUS Twitter account in response to a question from Iman Crosson, a self-described actor/director who has impersonated her husband in humorous digital short films.

The exchange was part of a Twitter Q&A hosted by the first lady's office Tuesday afternoon. Questions were collected en masse by her staff; later, she answered seven of them in Vine or SnappyTV videos posted to her account.

The use of the video technology in conjunction with Twitter appeared to break new ground for a first lady on social media. It comes as she seeks to invigorate her "Let's Move!" healthy eating and physical fitness initiative with two years left in office.

The full exchange can be read HERE.

Six factoids or pieces of wisdom Mrs. Obama offered in her responses:

1. "Working out is just like playing." 2. "One of my favorite food memories is that every time my brother and I got good report cards, we got take-out pizza." 3. "Don't try to eat all your [Halloween] candy at once. Just have one or two pieces every night for a little while." 4. "My favorite fall vegetable is a sweet potato." 5. "Eating healthy can be really simple. Just eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to get some kind of exercise everyday if you can." 6. White House bees are "producing about 200 pounds of honey every year."