Mitt Romney Isn't Thinking About Speaking Fees, Jokes 'I'm Already Rich'

Mitt Romney is thinking about making a third run for the White House, telling an audience at Mississippi State University Wednesday evening, "You may have heard that I'm thinking of running for president again."

This was greeted with cheers, but it was his next line where he made a self-deprecating joke and also managed to jab Hillary Clinton at the same time that may find its way into quite a few of Romney's future rivals' television ads, if he takes the plunge again.

Mitt Romney Portrays Hillary Clinton As 'Clueless' on Jobs, Foreign Policy

"I'm not even thinking about getting rich from the speaking fees after I leave office," the 2012 GOP nominee quipped. "As you no doubt hear, I'm already rich."

Romney was referring to the recent news stories about his wealth and large homes, something the Democrats tried to use last time to say he was unrelatable.

This time they are trying to hit back at these stories, with a Romney aide saying it's Hillary Clinton, her high speaking fees, and "jet-setting lifestyle" who is out of touch.

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