Doctor Defends Herman Cain Accusations

Ex-boyfriend says Sharon Bialek told him of alleged sexual misconduct.
2:54 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Doctor Defends Herman Cain Accusations
While we -- Sharon was recruited to join the educational foundation. Of the National Restaurant Association. And our. She was in their fund raising arm. In the spring of 1997. She was involved in a program for the NRA to help recruit. Young people into the industry. During the National Restaurant Association convention in Chicago. -- indeed did meet and spend time with mr. -- On the last night at the conference should introduce me to mr. Kate. Mister -- and Biden chairman and -- to an exclusive. After party. It was held in a -- in the Chicago hotel where the main event occur. A few weeks later -- was discharged from her job at educational foundation of the hour. I suggested she contact mr. -- to see if he could help her get other employment. I made this suggestion because of the positive interaction. And the cordial conversation that three of us had during the conference. Ms. pilot was able to set up this meeting with mr. -- Since -- was now unemployed. I paid for the transportation and hotel in Washington. At the Capitol Hill. This hotel was chosen because the restaurant association offices were located in Washington DC. I didn't upgrade her -- She had indicated in previous interviews her account what happened in DC. I can confirm that when she returned she was upset. She's that something had happened and that mr. Kaye touched her in an inappropriate man. She said she handled it didn't want to talk about it and he art. I respected her request and this issue was never brought up until recently. When mr. came into the national spotlight. We reminded each other that this -- and then we had met so many years earlier. A few weeks later the news reported that there had been sexual harassment allegations by two female. And RA employees. Against Herman -- while he was the president of the NRA. I remembered that Sharon had a bad experience with him and called her yes she was one of the accusers. She said no but also added that based on her experience. Such accusations didn't surprise there. Sharon became lifted. As she heard mr. -- denial of sexual harassment. She felt she had to respond. To these denials by going public with her experience.

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{"id":14950168,"title":"Doctor Defends Herman Cain Accusations","duration":"2:54","description":"Ex-boyfriend says Sharon Bialek told him of alleged sexual misconduct.","url":"/Politics/video/doctor-viktor-zuckerman-defends-herman-cain-accusations-14950168","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}