Can We Elect a Mormon President?

Religion scholar, writer Joanna Brooks analyzes religion in the 2012 race.
3:00 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Can We Elect a Mormon President?
But now we'll move on to talk a little bit about religion and campaigns with Joanna brooks she writes about -- -- and you can follower on Twitter. Pat ask Mormon girl we've got some questions for we tried this last week we'll try it again now. Two and I think last week we had some technical difficulties a question I asked was. Mormon isn't doesn't seem to be a problem for the population writ large but if you talked to white evangelicals. In particular important part of the Republican base. It is more of a problem for them can we elect a Mormon president as a Republican. Question I think immediately may have a problem on its hands -- -- over the last twenty years. Evangelical Christian conservatives have emerged as perhaps the largest single voting -- in -- Republican Party. And only 30% expressed reservations -- -- right well that remark a candidate for president does snake gets about 60% of voters in early states like Iowa and Carolina. I'm I'm thinking at some point me did you he's gonna happens not to sit down -- -- continues to be sort of be inevitable front runners He hears -- be. Recent in house discussion. And what what's -- two things -- they talk about -- I mean how. How can the party actually bring this to the surface we've seen Mitt Romney sort of avoid direct discussion and his Mormon is in but but how they approach it what's what's -- -- -- see that taking place. You're absolutely right that -- is trying to see you avoid -- dispassionate as best He can't. Mormons and -- has been around her more than a hundred years the United States I don't think it's gonna disappear in one election cycle. And upgrading -- Ronnie is currently not I didn't do it. And he's a very careful politician. He's heat you want blades you -- -- over the weekend in Iowa council last meeting with some boaters and -- actually an old Mormon pioneer -- He was approached -- ask you -- clear some of these misconceptions about eight NDP Hanssen was sort of the standard line about. America is a wonderful place that we except religious differences -- not gonna take it cannot. -- -- not the got to do but it's very interest in net New York Times and she saw the piece the last week wrote about. A more -- more Romney's record in Boston rather that He was a Mormon leader there are some some called him bishop Romney. Very active. It would seem that He has this experience is it fair to take a look at that record and income He used that has appointed for him to discusses his role in the fate. It's important now about the tricks He -- the latter day saints at in clarity is volunteer. Center basically every adult male who's responsible and get to position pastoral responsibility at some point. And He certainly He -- a record as someone who knows Medicare current community and passed away. It's -- there's some controversy about some of his record as a bishop actually interned as an abortion counseling He did. That issue will probably resurface -- Again during the election -- in his in his speech she doesn't they had sent absolutely no desire to make his organism an issue. So tell -- someone that things are a lot of you know there's the book of Mormon a play on Broadway out there -- reality TV shows there are a lot there's a lot of misconception I think. In the general population about this religion even though a I think Mormon isn't as the fourth largest. Religion in the US what what are some of them most general misconceptions that people should know about about the religion. Placed at seven million more -- the United States we live in fifty states in the country be done I'll live in your top. It's amazing at only 80% among recent well I sent Americans said they just don't know much about -- -- You know people incidently dissent from American consciousness and we -- You know I'm not police considered unorthodox and other Christians that Rick Christian aid at -- People still believe we practiced polygamy be seen sensational coverage for example some of the fundamentalist ultra orthodox splinter groups in the west indeed continued practice mainstream mormons like Harry Reid and Mitt Romney -- -- practice polygamy. It's amazing how many people think we still are. In -- so what's the way ticket to use this election is a great opportunity effort with the religion on the national stage. What needs to be down here He can John -- Huntsman stepped then he's obviously shared some of the spotlight to. Well I think every American minority. Moments like He is -- assuming there is certainly capping a -- now may add. Exploring his feelings about Martin isn't -- reason -- lack of understanding. I you know the -- is certainly doing is it's -- trying to get a message out its own web site hasn't media campaign running it. -- fifteen major American cities trying to introduce people who mormons contemporary mormons actually are. Romney is gonna try and -- -- and just survived the best can't in the eighty -- in 2006. Do you actually dropped its -- -- not doing now. Okay thanks very much Joanna brooks He could follow her on Twitter at ask Mormon girl we do -- for joining us this time and I'm sure we'll come back in this in this election cycle. Zack and they keep -- me.

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{"id":14803693,"title":"Can We Elect a Mormon President?","duration":"3:00","description":"Religion scholar, writer Joanna Brooks analyzes religion in the 2012 race.","url":"/Politics/video/elect-mormon-president-14803693","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}