Gingrich Ad Revives Romney's Dog Debacle

The new political ad compiles Mitt Romney's gaffes over the years.
3:00 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Gingrich Ad Revives Romney's Dog Debacle
-- I like being able to fire people who -- services giving. Corporations are people my friend. We can raise taxes that of course they are everything corporations -- ultimately goes to people so -- what do you think it goes. We heard of a -- a long company didn't demoralize. Them. And they had illegal immigrants who are working there so we went in the company and we said look you can't have any illegals working on our property that's I'm running for office for police say they can't have illegals 101000. 101000 dollar -- I'm not in -- business how and I know what it's like to have to worry with the unit gets -- there a couple of times wondered whether. I was gonna get a pink -- always been that. If you really rodent and rabbit hunter all right small smaller. Pharmacies throughout and I began when I was. Home just -- on. -- those kinds of apartments. Since then more more than two times. I got a yellow lab -- I don't know sooner than a minute panel on the roof of my car and a -- one of my children that's. What do you think. This is -- made completely airtight. Kennel and have mattered on the -- America. Climbed of their regularly enjoy yourself he was at -- -- at home a regular time as well. We loved the -- it was where he was comfortable we had five kids inside the car my guess is. Electable with an artist heavily would have let -- inside. -- --

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{"id":15342549,"title":"Gingrich Ad Revives Romney's Dog Debacle","duration":"3:00","description":"The new political ad compiles Mitt Romney's gaffes over the years.","url":"/Politics/video/gingrich-ad-revives-romneys-dog-debacle-15342549","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}