Mr. Romney, 'Is It Hard Running for President?'

Young boy asks Mitt Romney the tough questions in Iowa.
4:42 | 12/29/11

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Transcript for Mr. Romney, 'Is It Hard Running for President?'
I -- eight you know -- I see got a sticker on your forehead you know that's got my name -- -- -- -- I -- running for the president to -- good question and the answer is yes and no. Sounds like a politician I apologize. The answer is it's it's hard in terms of getting up early in the morning. A sleeping in a strange bed almost every night one hotel after the other -- in the Hampton -- last night. I don't know where we are tonight who who knows where I'd rather not tell you we'll all be there getting signatures. And so it's a different hotel. In a different nights and and sometimes you don't sleep so well the night before last. We had our bus parked out in front of the hotel. And the and the they parking lot there and that trucks -- off I think it was interstate 81 of the other interstates -- the trucks going by saw the bus and every now -- found that one of the drivers liked me and would pose -- you know. That's -- -- time to be displayed so that there aren't there times and it's hard that the best part of the of the campaign is doing what I'm doing now. It's meeting people across the country and shaking hands and making friends.

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{"id":15255939,"title":"Mr. Romney, 'Is It Hard Running for President?'","duration":"4:42","description":"Young boy asks Mitt Romney the tough questions in Iowa.","url":"/Politics/video/mr-romney-hard-running-president-15255939","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}