Obama Campaign Rolls Out Merchandise

Obama-Biden 2012 items range from birth certificate mugs to drink coozies.
1:45 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Obama Campaign Rolls Out Merchandise
There's millions of dollars up for grabs this Black Friday as bargain hunters search for those perfect holiday gets. President Obama's reelection team wants to get in on the beach at staying at his Chicago campaign headquarters is stocked with all sorts of goodies. And the best part of all made in America ABC's Devin Dwyer joins us now from the White House. With more -- -- DeVon. High time yeah that's right. The shelves are fully stocked inside the campaign story Obama's Chicago headquarters. And not just with the traditional items those T shirts buttons and caps that we've come to associate with political campaigns on a recent visit. We found a number about usual items that the campaign is rolling out this week ahead of the holiday. Things like martini glasses yoga pants. Golf give -- -- all branded with Obama Biden 2012. But now the campaign won't tell us which of these items is their hottest sellers say for example be. Made in the USA coffee modern T shirt with the president's birth certificate on it. But they will tell us that everything there was made in the USA -- I like. I could use that might stocking said that health that you're not in Chicago can order these items online. That's right you can order any of these things online time yet. They won't tell us how much they're raising from -- from these sales in the campaign but rest assured there -- definitely banking and a big day on Friday. And a lot of stock in staffers you can pick operate their on line and I see here that the -- made in the USA about twenty boxes that the average right. That's right the things kind of range in price five dollars twenty dollars. And in that range. -- ABC is Devin Dwyer thanks so much for joining us. -- --

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{"id":15018136,"title":"Obama Campaign Rolls Out Merchandise","duration":"1:45","description":"Obama-Biden 2012 items range from birth certificate mugs to drink coozies.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-campaign-rolls-merchandise-15018136","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}